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We transform people, cultures, and organizations

We started stoke.d with a simple mission: to help organizations awaken dormant curiosity. We do this by helping individuals and teams get back in touch with their inherent creative abilities. We find that by building a culture of encouragement, organizations shift from convention to feeling inspired, acting boldly, and collaborating in new ways.

Why are we stoke.d?

After years of practicing design on innovation projects within our own companies we felt like it was time to offer what we were learning to the world. Like Caine from Kung Fu, we travel the globe spreading human centered design to organizations looking for a new way of working in a rapidly changing world. We absolutely love what we do. Seeing the spark of change in our “students” is the fuel for our fire.

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What Do You Actually Do at stoked?

Over the past few years we've been creating and leading learning experiences and design sprints for clients in our studios. Studios that we designed in service of helping our clients launch new products, services, and customer experiences.

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What Is Design Thinking?

We get this question all the time. What exactly is design thinking and why would we use it? Well, here's our shot at answering that question! We also provide several real world stories to help explain what design thinking looks like in practice.

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The Team

We're grateful to work with some of the world's best designers and coaches.

Anna Love-Mickelson
Parker Gates
Adam Royalty
Brent Taylor
Kathryn Segovia
Stacey Gray
Carissa Carter
Nathan Bohl
Matt Dudley
Jane Clausen

Occasionally we write...

This is where we share what we're learning and what's interesting to us.

Open Office Hours @ Stoked Studio Nashville

Alright y'all, stoked is hosting it’s 1st ever open office hours! We are prototyping a way to answer more questions for...

Consultants Suck

I hate it when we get called consultants. The title doesn’t sit well with me. I guess I started forming...

Maturity of a Movement

So, I’ve spent some time thinking about and comparing the work we’ve been doing for the past few years with...

We get to partner with some amazing organizations. Here's what they're saying.

Jamie Moran

Director of Talent Development Colle + McVoy

""It is one thing to be human-centered, it’s another thing to be a spectacular human who inspires and teaches you to be more human-centered in your work and in life. Anna and Parker’s enthusiasm, collective energy and curiosity are contagious. Their training experience and tools have helped keep empathy at the center of our team’s thinking. We’ve also been able to build upon our already collaborative culture to move more quickly, beyond obvious ideas to deeper more meaningful ones, in a shorter period of time." "

Laurie Englert

VP – Customer Experience, Milestone AV Technologies

"Design Thinking has fundamentally altered the way we do business at Milestone. We no longer think of it as a process; it’s a mindset. We use the tools and techniques in everything we do from product development to event planning to making daily work more efficient. We no longer spend hours preparing mind-numbing powerpoints locked in our offices. We simply grab our post-its, sharpies and stickers and collaborate! If you can master empathy, you can master design thinking!”"

Michael Croton

"Parker and Anna will wake you up. If you want revenue and growth, they'll help you do more than your typical strategic consultant. If you want learning for life and energy for your team, they'll beat any Away Day in the woods. They are themselves. You will amaze yourself. And there will be hugs. So if you agree Love > Fear and the world is full of possibility, give them a call."

Scott Mark

Distinguished Innovation Advisor & Technical Fellow Healthcare Innovation, Medtronic, Inc.

"Our Design Thinking education with stoke.d was, and still is, a transformative experience. Parker and Anna brought together a great group of engaged students and mentors, and their full-contact coaching style left us skilled in addition to educated. The ideas we learned from stoke.d changed how we see our work as a whole and we still practice the methods everyday."

Jeremy Falke

VP of Talent, Culture, and Performance at Tenet Healthcare

"Stoke.d has taught us to use design thinking to engage our most important users, our patients.
The Stoke.d studio is a physical place that allows us to unplug from corporate and connect to creativity.
With Stoke.d we are teaching our best and brightest, upcoming leaders a different way to solve problems for the future."

Space is an innovation tool.

The stoke.d studios are a creative space for teams to collaborate and jam on projects in a new way. Join us for just a day, week or month.  Have questions, feel free to contact our space program.






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