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what is stoke.d?

What is stoke.d?


When we started practicing design thinking in our own organizations it forever changed our lives and the way we approach how we work. Eventually we were inspired to leave our respective companies and join forces to start spreading human centered design to anyone who wanted to learn. We’re super passionate about what we do, how we do it, and our partnership with each other and the coaches we work with reflect that passion.

What We Do

We teach people how to find innovation using design thinking. That also means we get individuals and organizations back in touch with their inherent creative ability. We awaken talent that some people never knew they had, and they in turn activate others within their organizations to work in a whole new way. A healthier, happier way.

How We Do It

We do all this by creating and facilitating experiential, project based learning experiences for your organization. Every workshop is custom and inspired by your specific needs. There is a serious bias towards action and very little lecture or note taking. You will learn by doing. By embracing experimentation.


Who We Are

We are Anna and Parker. Together we are stoke.d, a small company that teaches organizations how to use human centered design to find innovation, solve big gnarly problems, deepen connections with customers, awaken sleeping talent, and spark cultural change.


Anna Love-Mickelson

I'm a sucker for adventure. My winding past (including everything from process re-engineering to Stanford executive coaching to Eurail train hopping) has taught me to narrow the divide between work and play.  These days, it is hard to tell the difference.

As a learner, thinker and doer in equal proportions I get energized by the folks I coach and gratefully return the favor.


Parker Gates

Well, I spent my younger years working with my hands. Then I sat in a cubicle for a bunch of years. Now I’m back to working with my hands. And I’m happier for it.

I thrive on working with people. Both individually and in teams. Especially when we’re facing a problem we can’t fathom a solution for.

I try to bring big energy to every conversation I have. To be present and focused. My goal is to encourage and energize and get you moving. Get you doing!

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