The most interesting industries

Written by Anna Love-Mickelson
Posted April 17, 2013

I worked in financial services for 10 years and didn’t find it sexy. Patagonia, Burton, Google… now those would be exciting organizations to work with. Right? Hum.

It took leaving financial services to realize that I was looking at things through the wrong lens. Any industry can be exciting if look at it from a human perspective. What if I were to reposition, “How can we sell more Long Term Care Insurance?” to “How might we help baby boomers not worry about being a burden to their children?” This is way more interesting and something that feels worth digging in to.

Here’s another example, the paint industry. Environmental regulation, water-based vs. oil-based, adhesive properties… sound exciting? Get ready to be inspired by Boysen, the Phillapiano paint manufacturer. Watch this:

Public Art + Saving the Planet + International Collaboration = Super Inspirational

So, food for thought…maybe the trick is not to find the right industry or company but rather to start by picking the meaty challenges, wherever you are.