Sticking to the plan

Written by Parker Gates
Posted May 13, 2013

Lately I’m finding myself agitated often. A bit overwhelmed with work. I wake up and instantly start thinking about what needs to bo done or conversations that need to be had. Wait a minute! This is not the life I want. This is not the attitude I want to have.

What I’m learning is that it’s one thing to design a work life for yourself. It’s a completely different thing to adhere to that design. To stay within the guard rails you’ve set up for yourself. It actually takes mindfulness, awareness. It takes energy to make yourself abide by your own rules.

So for me, I know that my life is a little more balanced when I’m out in the woods a lot. When I’m riding the bike, and taking day trips to ride or hike. When I’m playing hooky to go swimming with Eva, and running trails.

See, I didn’t become an entrepreneur because I’m driven to work all the time, or to “crush it” financially. I started spreading design thinking because I wanted to do meaningful work and have a healthier balance of life. Prior to creating stoke.d I had been an IT director for a healthcare company. I was always “on call” and constantly putting out fires. It was occasionally fun and interesting but primarily it was miserable and I constantly worked in a very reactive way. Definitely not a life by design.

The great thing about the work I do now is that it actually requires that I slow down. The work is so emotionally intensive that quality suffers if you’re not taking time to recover and regroup.

Working too much and too hard is easy for me. It’s my default setting. I have to pay special attention to making sure I get what I need in other areas of my life in order to make good decisions around the work I do.

So, creating the amazing life you want is the first step. Just make sure you’re sticking to your guns once you’re up and running. Both success and hard times make us want to work harder and harder. Beware these influences and stay true to your course!

I’m gonna go walk around  in the woods now…


  • taylor

    Good words Parker. So glad that your creative talents are being used to change people, processes, and places for the better. Best to Eva.

    Always knew you were stoke.d. Great name.