Written by Parker Gates
Posted September 1, 2015

I’m taking 2 months off of work to travel around the world a bit. And honestly, it feels bratty just writing that, but I also feel extremely grateful to have the kind of life where I’m afforded the luxury of time.

I’m touring a few counties in Europe and either spending the second month road tripping across the US or continuing East to Vietnam and Thailand.

The locations are not unimportant, but they don’t feel as important as the fact that I’m taking 2 months off from work. And for a couple of reasons:

  • I’ve never taken this much time off in my life
  • I really love our work and actually enjoy being engaged in it
  • The challenges of travel are incredibly rewarding

I have a basic route plotted out to see some places I’ve never seen and to revisit a place that I love. I have books packed that I want to read and I have a couple of goals that feel somewhat fragile. As if they could be broken at any moment. 60 days of yoga and meditation practice. It seems like these could be easily eschewed by a great cup of coffee, an amazing hike with views for days, or a bahn mi shop I’m in a hurry to try.

I’m not promising much here, but I’m going to give it a go.


It’s also noteworthy that I’m going on this trip alone. Something I’ve never done before. In the past I’ve always traveled with my significant other or with friends or coworkers.

It’s a little scary to think I’ll have to figure everything out by myself, but at the same time I’m looking forward to seeing things without always considering another person. How they’re doing? Are they having fun? Are they hungry or tired, or whatever?? I get to to just take care of Parker and be selfish the whole time!

Before I started traveling, I used to think that travel would be easy and relaxing. The story in my head was that everything looked like an all inclusive resort. Turns out travel can be scary and frustrating, and challenging. It tends to keep me on my growing edge when I don’t know the language, or how to navigate a city, or where I’m going to sleep on any given night. And this is what I am seeking on this sabbatical. Time away from work, time alone, and enough discomfort to remind of things I know about myself that I tend to forget.

We spend all year long designing and leading sessions for our amazing partners and it’s some of the most fun and fulfilling work I’ve ever done. What we don’t often take the time to do is to really let our minds and hearts wander. To stop “executing” and just let creativity and inspiration happen.

So here I go. See you all in a couple of months!

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Bon Voyage,