Redesigning “happiness”

Written by Anna Love-Mickelson
Posted April 2, 2014

I remember visiting my brother in San Diego about 10 years ago.  While biking on the boardwalk we rolled past “Slomo”.  I watched in awe as he rollerbladed in slow motion up and down the boardwalk.  While his smile was infectious and moves mesmerizing, I had a tinge of sadness as I assumed he was mentally ill and maybe homeless.  What else would explain his apparent disregard for what others might think and his wealth of time?

Now, many years later, this great documentary about Slomo reminds me of a few lessons:

1.  Life is short, and it is yours.  Do what you love.

2.  When others are smiling, smile along with them.

3.  Every new day is an opportunity to reinvent oneself.

4.  Stay tuned in to the balance between mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical.  Then, course correct.

Watch documentary (16 minutes):

  • David Baird

    Great post to start the day!