Projects as superhero teachers

Written by Anna Love-Mickelson
Posted May 24, 2015

There are a few projects we’ve done over the years that really stick with me. They’ve taught me something about myself. They flash into my head when a tornado of shitty thinking takes over (you know… What if I mess this up? What if they don’t like what I’m saying? What if…?). These projects flash into my head like little super heros – just in time to stop the swirl.

The first one is a project that we completely scrapped and redesigned the night before we went on stage. We learned something new that meant that what we previously designed wouldn’t have much of an impact. So, we chose to create something completely new… even though it was risky. I felt totally exposed and was scared to death that we’d mess it up. This project reminds me what it feels like to be courageous.

Another one was a series of design sprints that we lead with just the right team, tackling just the right challenge, in just the right physical space. Our partner trusted us enough to hand us the reigns so that we could create a project environment that was just right even though she was under extreme scrutiny and pressure. It was humbling to receive this much trust. This project reminds me what it feels like to be humble and trust others.

My third favorite project hasn’t officially happened yet. Parker and I are en route to Rwanda where we teach HCD to 40 men and women who lead humanitarian efforts in 12 countries. I don’t think I’ve ever cared so much about the outcome of a session or seen the potential for impact so clearly. This project reminds me what it feels like to choose work that is meaningful…above all else.

  • Jessie Marianiello

    Oh Anna and Parker…I have shivers of goodness. True goodness. <3

    • Anna Love-Mickelson

      Thank you Jessie! We had a pretty incredible week.