Open Office Hours @ Stoked Studio Nashville

Written by Parker Gates
Posted October 13, 2017

Alright y’all, stoked is hosting it’s 1st ever open office hours!
We are prototyping a way to answer more questions for more people about design thinking and/or stoked in general.
Wanna drop in and meet the team? Awesome! We’d love to have you.

Where: stoked studio nashville
When: Nov 2nd. 10:30-11:30
There are 10 spots available for this month…3 are already taken.
RSVP via

This will go down directly after the Nashville Design Thinking Meetup

Oh, we have pre-work for you:
Show up with 1-2 very specific asks.
“Ask? Like what?” you might say.
Well, like “how do I start practicing design thinking at my office?” or “how did stoked get started?” or “I’m looking for a job doing some of the things you teach, where can I go?”

Why the pre-work?
Well, time is precious. We want to make sure we use everyones respectfully. We find it helps greatly if we show up prepared for great conversation!