Embracing Experimentation

Written by Parker Gates
Posted August 21, 2013

So we just finished up a couple of days with one of our favorite companies to work with and we are both happy the work is “delivered” and excited about what the future looks like for them and for us.
We’ve been teaching organizations how to use human centered design for the past 2 years now and it’s been exhilarating and educational. One of the many things we’ve learned is that we can teach people the methods and behaviors that will create a culture of innovation and give them the tools to use but it’s also important to help them with a strategy for when and where to apply design thinking. It’s not just about the “how”.
So we delivered a new type of strategy this week. One that allows the customer to respond to a prompt we’ve given them. This prompt was based on our own ethnography and synthesis work. It gave them an opportunity to define when they wanted to put certain exercises and activities into play and to have an innovation calendar of sorts. Very much a co-creation that allows them to have a voice, since they are ultimately the ones to execute on these actions.
We constantly feel grateful to have the opportunity to work with such open minded and forward thinking companies.

So, this is dedicated to all of you out there who are willing to embrace experimentation and take a bias towards action!